More fun with BeatSaber! Mods provide more stats, effects and even allow a third-person mode for streaming.

Download Mod Assistant , accept the T&C and click the Mods tab.

Install plugins:

  • Camera2 enables third-person mode and more
  • Custom Avatars enables loading custom 3D avatars for third-person mode
  • Counters+ adds UI enhancements
  • ScorePercentage shows song completion percentage
  • Intro Skip skip song intro/outros that have >=5 seconds of emptiness
  • FastFail shortens the “Level failed” animation
  • BetterSongSearch to search downloaded songs
  • Particle Overdrive adds more effects options
  • BeatSaberMarkupLanguage is required by other mods


Edit \UserData\CameraPlus\cameraplus.cfg, set ThirdPerson=True and layer=1.

Download CustomAvatarsPlugin manually and extract into your BeatSaber directory.

You access the CameraPlus configuration tool with right-click.