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BeatSaber mods (Custom songs & Third-Person)

More fun with BeatSaber! Mods provide more stats, effects and even allow a third-person mode for streaming.

Download Mod Assistant, accept the T&C and click the Mods tab.

Install plugins:

  • BeatSaberMarkupLanguage
  • CameraPlus (Third-Person)
  • Particle Overdrive (Pretty)
  • TrickSaber (Fancy)
  • Custom Campaigns (Fun)
  • JustRainbowLights (Pretty)
  • Chrome (Pretty)
  • Intro Skip (Convenient)
  • FireworksDisabler (Sanity)
  • Counters+ (Helpful)
  • SongPlayHistory (Helpful)
  • SongBrowser (Helpful)
  • ScorePercentage (Helpful)

CameraPlus #

Edit \UserData\CameraPlus\cameraplus.cfg, set ThirdPerson=True and layer=1.

Download CustomAvatarsPlugin manually and extract into your BeatSaber directory.

You access the CameraPlus configuration tool with right-click.

Custom Avatars #

Download both components of DynamicOpenVR to enable custom avatars in-game, extract into BeatSaber.

Ensure the mod BeatSaberMarkupLanguage is enabled and installed in ModAssistant.

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