I thought it would be fun to gather together all the amazing looking fictional supercomputers!

Invader Zim: Control Brains

These Control Brains “encode” the Irken soldiers with their life’s duty, whether it be Janitor of planet Dirt, Fry-cook of Sizz-lorr’s or Invader.

Code Lyoko: XANA

A corrupted superintelligence that exists in a virtual world within the Supercomputer and attempts to materialise in the real world through possessing technology (and people). Conspiculously looks like an oversized Cray-1!

Dragonball Z: Dr. Gero's supercomputer

Responsible for autonomously computing the design for the ultimate warrior, Cell, calculated using some form of deep learning trained on video of the Earth’s greatest warriors fighting.

Ghost In The Shell: Cyberbrain

Cyberbrain are augmentations to a normal organic brain to connect directly with the Internet.

Neon Genesis Evangelion - S1:E13 ‘Angel Infiltration’
Neon Genesis Evangelion: MAGI

Neon Genesis Evangelion - S1:E13 ‘Angel Infiltration’

The core of the NERV Tokyo-1 geofront base, the three supercomputers execute all decisions in a quorum of three. The ethics of their construction is questionable to say the least!

Armoured Core 3: The Controller / D.O.V.E.

The underground supercity of Layered is controlled in every way by an AI which appears to be deteriorating and forcing chaotic situations between the military-industrial corporations.

Supreme Commander: QAI

The brain-child of a brain in a jar, QAI has full control over the Cybran military, calcualting combat probabilities for the Commander. Its “primary mainframe” is on planet Pearl II, destroying this disables QAI.. briefly.

The Matrix: The Matrix

Star Trek TNG: Isolinear computer

Terminator: Skynet