Keeping up with High Performance Computing’s ever-expanding horizon, with a chance of clouds. ☁️ | How Can High Performance Computing Supercharge Manufacturing?

Using CFD to iterate rapidly on F1 designs, bringing greater R&D velocity and flexibility. | Comparing Ceph, LINSTOR, Mayastor, and Vitastor storage performance in Kubernetes

Great mix of I/O patterns and client counts for benchmarking.

Thanks @Learnk8s for sharing!

Tesla has seventh largest GPU supercomputer in the world, employee claims

We [Tesla] have recently upgraded our GPU supercomputer to 7,360 A-100(80GB) GPUs, making it Top-7 by GPU-count. – Tim Zaman, AI and Autopilot lead.

CDK for Terraform Is Now Generally Available

Cloud Development Kit for Terraform enables infrastructure as code using programming languages rather than a configuration language.

Typescript, Python, Java, Go, C# can be used to describe your Cloud infrastructure

OpenCAPI to Be Folded into CXL

  • enhances PCIe5 for devices to better connect
  • CXL.cache enables devices to cache main memory
  • CXL.mem allows coherent memory access

That last one is juicy, should consolidate many coherent memory technologies: NVLink, AMD InfinityFabric, IBM OpenCAPI…