I have maintained my small space on the Internet since 2011.

I like to keep this space personal and self-made, probably because I started out as a Web Developer.

Website Recipe

The current incarnation:

I blogged about the previous incarnation!

This place is perpetually in-development!


Well, I’m told I am INTJ-T .


You can find a list of my socials on the homepage!

Proton.me (Referral) is a security-first Email, Drive & VPN provider based in Switzerland and funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 programme.

Digital Ocean (Referral) is known as the “developer cloud” because of how easy it is to go from sign-up to running servers.

Gandi (Referral) is my preferred shop for domain names; Back when I bought my first domains I was concerned about revealing my billing address publicly via the mandatory WHOIS database, Gandi was one of few providers who offered WHOIS privacy by default and for free! These days WHOIS privacy is far more common and sometimes mandatory due to GDPR . I’ve stuck with Gandi because their admin interface is clean and simple but allows technical users to access all the features on offer.


I do not actively use Cryptocurrency due to the their volatility as a store of value and concerning affect on global carbon emissions. I was invovled in Crypto in the early days so I keep these addresses up mostly out of nostalgia.

  • Bitcoin : 1AGNodCedDkhsA6L6TCkdATYuyf8HEZwet
  • Chia : xch1v7dzwscl5uj3rwj7zu7d90uxpwznzr6d3a45vzdg9u5qy4x7dpms5jv28y