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Enjoying GNOME3

Nearly every mildly experienced GNU-like OS user has had to content with the problem of which graphical environment to install, why?, because it’s how we use OS these days, with point and click. People are often perplexed by the choice even existing as the dominent OS of the day hardly allow you to modify your environment at all let-alone replace it all together with another groups systems. Read more →

Free Software Conundrums

Clients # Pidgin or XChat (IRC) # These days the users of XChat seem to be migrating to a maintained fork and perhaps MSWindows-centric project named HexChat, a project spawned after development on XChat slowed to a single developer and affectively ended in 2010. Either of these clients is better than the proprietary mIRC client which is free as in free beer and may be refered to as ‘Freeware’ by some, a term which should be no means be mistaken as standing for Freedom for the user. Read more →

Firefox-based browser add-on suggestions

HTTPS Everywhere [GPLv3+] # Enforces the use of secure connections where known to be possible through the use of an updated white-list, this means where a website has the ability to deliver it’s bits to you over HTTPS(Secure HTTP) the add-on will tell it to. Browsing over a secure connection is intended to prevent third-parties, parties other than you and the server itself, from being capable of peaking into the connection and spying or tampering with the data. Read more →

SSH port forwarding

The following command connects to our server and forwards a specific port on our local machine to the server. In this case we forward port 5432 which belongs to PostgreSQL, so when we connect to localhost:5432 on the desktop, the connection is forwarded through the secure tunnel to the server.

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