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About me Joe Heaton has over 10 years experience in IT, ranging from Web Technologies, High Performance Computing, Automation and Cloud. Fully self-driven learning in areas ranging from Linux, web technologies, cryptography, networking & programming. I have worked in Public & Private Sectors, incl. Academia, across a swathe of IT specialisations including High Performance Computing, Cloud, Web & Cyber Security; I have experience in Platform Engineering, Support, Planning, Service Architect & Team Leadership....

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Hi, it's me

I have maintained my small space on the Internet since 2011. I like to keep this space personal and self-made, probably because I started out as a Web Developer. Website Recipe The current incarnation: Compiled with the Hugo static site generator Hugo-PaperMod theme Tailwind CSS Fuse.js local site search Cloudflare Web Analytics for privacy-respecting analytics Deployed to Cloudflare Pages I blogged about the previous incarnation! Compiled with the Hugo static site generator Sass to make CSS sane Bootstrap CSS framework Web Manifest Font Awesome for icons Lunr....

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Privacy Policy

Basically, you can keep your privacy! Contact me should you have any questions! Third-party Cookies Third-party integrations are not required and are only loaded if relevant consent has been given unless the integration does not use cookies automatically: Disqus commenting system Google Analytics covered by Google Privacy Policy Advertising If advertising is enabled and you consent to third-party cookies, the following cookies are in-use: Google Adsense covered by Google Privacy Policy Third party vendors, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on a user’s previous visits to your website or other websites....

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