Basically, you can keep your privacy!

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Third-party Cookies


How to clear website data from your browser

Privacy preserving VPNs

I use Proton VPN to anonymise my connections and I enable their content filtering to block Malware & Tracking.

Web Browser Privacy Extensions

  • uBlock Origin for Chrome & Firefox is a fast content-blocking add-on; Built-in blocklists include Trackers, Advertising & Malware websites, you can add third-party blocklists or maintain your own.
  • Facebook Container for Firefox prevents Meta/Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp from tracking you on non-Facebook websites.
  • DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials add-on sends Global Privacy Control headers to websites to inform them you do not want your personal data sold and to limit sharing of your data. (You can use other Search Engines with this installed, by default it switches you to DuckDuckGo)