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Bash opinions

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to writing Bash scripts, I prefer very high safety & syntax consistency. A good example of both is variables, ${USER} can be shortened to $USER, but any following characters could be interpreted as part of the variable name. The longer syntax is also more powerful, enabling small conditional checks, which means we’ll likely end up using the longer syntax somewhere in our script, so why not keep it consistent and use it everywhere! Read more →

Useful Unixisms

Here’s a list of useful piped commands or just commands for which I need a refresher on which arguments to use. For example, using Awk to print between two known lines, or seleting a line in sed are good examples of infrequently used commands which are really useful.

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My bash profile

Here’s a snapshot of my .bashrc, I put this together to normalise my environment; which is particularly useful when working across CentOS/RHEL 6/7, SLES11/12 & Debian/Ubuntu.

I’ll overexplain some lines and underexplain others, depending on how interesting they are.

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Joe Heaton
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