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Working with Gnome 3

I’m back on Ubuntu with the Gnome 3 desktop environment and here are a few customsations to make it more productive and make moving between Gnome 3 & Windows simple.

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Bash opinions

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to writing Bash scripts, I prefer very high safety & syntax consistency. A good example of both is variables, ${USER} can be shortened to $USER, but any following characters could be interpreted as part of the variable name. The longer syntax is also more powerful, enabling small conditional checks, which means we’ll likely end up using the longer syntax somewhere in our script, so why not keep it consistent and use it everywhere! Read more →

Try out Spack on Arm HPC | CP2K

Diverse users running across a diverse set of architectures, it seems Spack was built just for this! I want to share my experiences with Spack, here my focus is on CP2K. My build environment is a Cray XC50 running Thunder X2 Arm CPUs. Spack is a source-based package manager and build system, all builds take place in self-contained environments. Every installed package is defined by a spec, the spec is a string that represents the enabled features, compiler, etc. Read more →

my Vim

This is my .vimrc, I find it benefitial to use this where I do development to normalise my editor across different operating systems, and to enable some useful untapped features to make Vim feel a bit less prehistoric.

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Patching Lustre 2.10 for Linux 4.14

The Lustre community supports recent point-releases of RHEL/CentOS but those patches don’t seem to come back into existing Lustre releases, since those releases don’t officially support later kernels. I installed client 2.10 thinking it had the best chance of working but encountered huge numbers of errors when compiling!

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Enjoying GNOME3

Nearly every mildly experienced GNU-like OS user has had to content with the problem of which graphical environment to install, why?, because it’s how we use OS these days, with point and click. People are often perplexed by the choice even existing as the dominent OS of the day hardly allow you to modify your environment at all let-alone replace it all together with another groups systems. Read more →
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