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Telegraf & OhmGraphite on Windows 10

Download the Telegraf client from, extract the telegraf directory to a sensible place and edit telegraf.conf. ## Log at debug level. - debug = false + debug = false ## Log only error level messages. - # quiet = false + quiet = true Add urls = ["http://Your_Influx_Server:8086"] in the [[outputs.influxdb]] section. Now to install the service, convieniently Telegraf can handle this! Open Powershell, navigate to the Telegraf directory and run . Read more →

TimescaleDB SQL in Grafana

Grafana supports SQL through MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL & SQL Server. Additionally Grafana supports the PostgreSQL extension TimescaleDB, this database is the best fit of all the SQL databases for Grafana since it is built specifically for large-scale time-series datasets.

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