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Dynamically load fonts

I’ve added a Dyslexia accessibility feature to my website which loads a Dyslexia-friendly font, woo! This involved creating a small toggle function to turn the feature on and off, but when I reload the page it’s gone, so I had it bake a cookie so the function could trigger automatically on-reload. This still wasn’t enough I didn’t want every visitor to load the font, only users who click the toggle button, so I added a section to dynamically load the font. Read more →

Pixelfed - self-hosted & federated photo hosting

In addition to a typical PHP server, you will need to install the php-bcmath package. Install image processing libraries apt install jpegoptim optipng pngquant. Following PixelFed’s Manual Setup instructions. git clone cd pixelfed composer install chown -c www-data:www-data -R storage/ Set the website domain name for the following variables in .env: APP_URL, with protocol (https://) APP_DOMAIN ADMIN_DOMAIN SESSION_DOMAIN Using the Laravel “Artisan” console we prepare the app & database. Read more →

Firefox-based browser add-on suggestions

HTTPS Everywhere [GPLv3+] Enforces the use of secure connections where known to be possible through the use of an updated white-list, this means where a website has the ability to deliver it’s bits to you over HTTPS(Secure HTTP) the add-on will tell it to. Browsing over a secure connection is intended to prevent third-parties, parties other than you and the server itself, from being capable of peaking into the connection and spying or tampering with the data. Read more →