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Windows 10 Revamp

My notes on wiping Windows 10, which configuration options to watch out for and a list of useful programs. The whole process of wiping, installing and provisioning with a basic set of programs can be complete in an hour with a fast Solid-State Drive and modern hardware.

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Windows Terminal - Change default profile

Open the new tab dropdown, found to the right of your tabs: Windows Terminal new tab dropdown Click “Settings”, this will open a JSON file (for now) which looks something like this: { "defaultProfile": "{987-654-321}", "profiles": [ { "guid": "{987-654-321}", "hidden": false, "name": "Debian", "source": "Windows.Terminal.Wsl" }, { "guid": "{123-456-789}", "name": "Windows PowerShell", "commandline": "powershell.exe", "hidden": false }, Copy the guid value from whichever flavour of Linux you want to set as default. Read more →

Telegraf & OhmGraphite on Windows 10

Download the Telegraf client from, extract the telegraf directory to a sensible place and edit telegraf.conf. ## Log at debug level. - debug = false + debug = false ## Log only error level messages. - # quiet = false + quiet = true Add urls = ["http://Your_Influx_Server:8086"] in the [[outputs.influxdb]] section. Now to install the service, convieniently Telegraf can handle this! Open Powershell, navigate to the Telegraf directory and run . Read more →